The EMM Network has engaged in a partnership with RedEAmérica Network

Following the 7th annual Foro Internacional RedEAmérica in Merida/Mexico, which was co-sponsored by the EMM Network and the GIZ, the two networks signed a regional partnership agreement in order to jointly contribute to the transformation of Latin American communities through private sector action in July 2015.

The RedEAmérica is a thematic network which was created in 2002 with the help of the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) and the mission to qualify and broaden corporate action for the promotion of sustainable communities in the region. Today, it consists of nearly 80 organizations of entrepreneurial origin in eleven Latin American countries.

As both networks share a common vision and the objective to support the sustainable development of the region through business action, a strategic partnership offers the unique possibility to boost and strengthen their respective initiatives and the efforts of the involved companies resulting in a beneficial cooperation for all stakeholders.