thumbnail of Supply-Side-Economics-and-the-Need-for-Energy-Diversification Supply Side Economics and the Need for Energy Diversification

Author: Rajan Gupta, , Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Author: Thomas Elmar Schuppe, , Observer Research Foundation, India

thumbnail of Innovation-and-Technology-Diffusion-Recommendations-for-the-G20-Process Innovation and Technology Diffusion: Recommendations for the G20 Process

Author: Economic Policy Forum, ,
Author: TEPAV, ,

thumbnail of Urbanisation-and-Migration-Creating-Equitable-Access-to-Basic-Services Urbanisation and Migration: Creating Equitable Access to Basic Services

Author: China Institute for Reform and Development, ,

thumbnail of Striving-for-Sustainability-in-Infrastructure-Development Striving for Sustainability in Infrastructure Development – Lessons from the Economic Policy Forum

Author: Dr. Astrid Skala-Kuhmann, , Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Author: Antje Uhlig, , Economic Policy Forum

thumbnail of The-Paris-Package-Setting-the-Finance-Agenda-for-Climate-Action The Paris Package – Setting the Finance Agenda for Climate Action

Author: Samir Saran, , Observer Research Foundation
Author: Rathin Roy, , Observer Research Foundation

thumbnail of National-Voluntary-Guidelines Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Emerging Economies: The National Voluntary Guidelines on Business Responsibility

Author: Overseas Development Institute, ,

thumbnail of Sustainable-and-Inclusive-Growth-Green-Buildings Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Emerging Economies: Green Buildings

Author: Overseas Development Institute, ,

thumbnail of Drivers-of-Regional-Integration-Value-Chains-Investment-and-New-Forms-of-Co-operation Drivers of Regional Integration: Value Chains, Investment and New Forms of Co-operation

thumbnail of Sustaining-Regional-Integration Sustaining Regional Integration in South America: the Case of MERCOSUR

Author: Matshaba Mothiane, , Human Sciences Research Council

thumbnail of Diversion-and-Agglomeration Diversion and Agglomeration: Regional Dimensions of South Africa's Investment Promotion Policies

Author: Christopher Wood, , South Africa Insitute of International Affairs