Conference: Green Bonds & Green Finance in CHN | 中国绿色债券与绿色金融会议

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Beijing, China

Conference: Green Bonds & Green Finance in CHN | 中国绿色债券与绿色金融会议

Sustainable Finance

Conference: Green Bonds & Green Finance in CHN | 中国绿色债券与绿色金融会议

7 April 2016, Beijing | 2016年4月7日,北京

As a response to increasing concerns about climate change impacts, efforts to re-align our economies to a more sustainable path have risen significantly worldwide. The investments required to achieve such a green transformation are enormous. In China alone, over USD 6.6 trillion (CNY 41 trillion) are needed to reach the government’s carbon reduction plan, according to China’s National Development and Reform Commission. A still novel but increasingly recognized financial instrument used by development banks, governments and private companies to effectively raise the private capital urgently needed for such investments are green bonds.

With the release of new guidelines on green bond issuance in China’s inter-bank bond market and of the Green Projects Catalogue in December 2015, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is the first national regulator that provides binding regulations on assets and projects qualified for green bonds. Given the government’s strong commitment to foster the green transition – and against the background of China’s current G20 presidency – the Chinese green bond market is expected to pick up significantly, generating large-scale spillover effects for other markets in the region and globally.

Expanding its commitment to green financial sector development, GIZ has entered a Strategic Alliance on Green Bond Market Development in G20 Emerging Economies with the Swedish Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), which is one of the inventors of the green bond concept and the leading knowledge provider with regards to the development of the green bond product and market worldwide.

Based on this cooperation between PBoC, GIZ and SEB, which is supported by the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies and China’s Green Finance Committee, a conference on Green Bonds and Green Finance was organized in Beijing on 7 April 2016.

The objective of the event was to present new research, instruments and approaches to integrate environmental indicators into financial decision making in order to mobilize capital for green investments. Based on these presentations, we discussed with finance professionals, international experts and policymakers, next steps to support the green financial transformation. We, furthermore, sought to support the multi-stakeholder process that promotes the development of a prosperous and efficient market for green bonds in China. The conference therefore comprised regulators and policymakers, second opinion providers, financial institutions, investors and potential public and private sector issuers.

In order to achieve the goal, conference participants discussed further steps that will contribute to the enhancement of a conducive regulatory framework in support of sustainable green bond market development. Leading financial institutions and green bond issuers from Asia and Europe shared first-hand expertise and experience in realizing successful green bond issuances. Experts on second opinion provision for green bonds gave insights into the delivery of highest quality certification and verification standards for green bonds.

Furthermore, the conference served as a platform to build a strong network and schedule follow-up meetings with regulators, potential issuers and second opinion providers, which will be upcoming within the framework of the GIZ/SEB Strategic Alliance.



Panel 1: Green Financial Sector Development in China and the G20 Economies 中国绿色金融业发展及G20经济体

Panel 2: Developing Methodologies and Models for Environmental Stress Testing 环境压力测试方法及模型的开发

 Panel 3: Best Practices in Green Bond Issuance – Opportunities for Private and Public Issuers 绿色债券发行最佳实践􂚶 对公私部门发行人的机会

  • Axel Bendiek, German State of North Rhine Westphalia: Sustainability Strategy North Rhine-Westphalia  | 德国北莱茵威斯特法伦州,司库,阿克塞尔.本迪克先生 – Chinese
  • Björn Söderlundh, Kommuninvest: Fossil Free Sweden | Kommuninvest, 信贷部总监,比扬恩.孙德隆特先生 – Chinese
  • Li Qiuju, National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII) |中国银行间交易商协会, 市场创新部, 李秋菊女士 – Chinese Version

Panel 4: Mobilizing Capital for the Green Transition in China – The Case for Green Bonds | 中国为绿色转型筹资 􂚶 绿色债券案例

 Panel 5: Building Trust in Green Bonds – Second Opinion Services and Green Credit Ratings | 建立对绿色债券的信任􂚶 第二意见服务和绿色评级