Workshop I: Introduction to Natural Capital – Understanding Risks and Opportunities

Workshop I: Introduction to Natural Capital – Understanding Risks and Opportunities

23 September 2014, São Paulo

09:00-09:15    Welcome notes

Uwe Wolfgang Heye, German Consulate São Paulo

Carlos Nomoto, Director of Sustainability at Santander and head of the CEBDS Sustainable Finance Working Group

09:15-10:00    Introduction to Natural Capital

What is Natural Capital? Expected major changes in ecosystems and their impact on ecosystem service provision and economic activities.

Speaker: Daniela Lerda, PADMA

10:00-10:15    Break
10:15-11:30    Why is Natural Capital relevant for Financial Institutions? Risks and Opportunities

Speaker: Liesel van Ast, Natural Capital Declaration

10:15-11:30    Environmental Risks and their Increasing Relevance in Credit Ratings

Speaker: Julyana Yokota, Standard and Poor’s

12:15-13:30    Lunch
12:15-13:30    Case Study Banorte: Why does a Financial Institution Strive to Integrate Natural Capital Considerations?

Speaker: Marcos Mancini, Banorte

13:30-14:15    Quantifying Natural Capital Risks and Integrating them into Valuation and Risk Management

Speakers: Liesel van Ast (NCD) and Simone Dettling (GIZ)

15:00-15:30    Joint Study on “Quantifying the Natural Capital Risk Exposure of Financial Institutions in Brazil”

Maria Eugenia Taborda, Itaú

15:30-15:45    Break
15:45-16:45    Round Table: Going Beyond Compliance

What is still missing for mainstreaming environmental risks into investment valuation?

Discussants: Carlos Nomoto (Santander), Maria Eugenia Taborda (Itaú), Daniela Lerda (PADMA), Liesel van Ast (NCD), Julyana Yokota (S&P), Marcos Mancini (Banorte)

Moderator: Simone Dettling

16:45-17:00    Outlook Workshops II & III and Concluding Remarks

Fernanda Gimenes (CEBDS) and Simone Dettling (GIZ)