Workshop on ‘Designing Sustainable Supply Chains in Agriculture’

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Conservas Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa de Lima, Mexiko

Workshop on ‘Designing Sustainable Supply Chains in Agriculture’

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Workshop on 'Designing Sustainable Supply Chains in Agriculture'

The EMM Network established a strategic alliance with Ashoka and Global Compact Mexico to develop the ‘Designing Sustainable Supply Chains in Agriculture’ workshop. The main objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Identify the general principles to create and manage a sustainable supply chain in the agriculture sector.
  • Identify the key processes for a successful development and management of a sustainability-oriented supply chain in the agro sector.
  • Take an inclusive business perspective in the creation and management of a supply chain.

Bearing these goals in mind, the workshop provided its participants a space to reflect, discuss and receive practical planning skills. The small-scale format of the workshop ensured its impact, as the participating companies received valuable insights from experts, were presented with best practices and took part in interactive group discussions and tasks with respect to incorporating the concept of sustainability into their agricultural product supply chains. In support of this, Ashoka prepared a working guide for each participant consisting of mostly already existing methodologies that would enable him or her to carry out such activities within his or her business. For activities where existing tools were not known, Ashoka developed them based on their own experience and learning from the project ‘Inclusive Agriculture Agenda‘.

The workshop was held on the premises of Conservas Santa Rosa, a women’s project which has evolved into one of the principal suppliers of marmalade for the Toks restaurant chain. The case has become an internationally recognized case study.