Webinar Series About Our Changing World of Work


Webinar Series About Our Changing World of Work

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Webinar Series About Our Changing World of Work


A Webinar Series About Our Changing World of Work
Hosted by the JustJobs Network and Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues

The world in which we live and work is undergoing dramatic changes. Technological advancements from the “app economy” to the “Internet of Things” are altering the demand for labor. Rapid urbanization across the Global South – at a scale never witnessed before – is shifting billions of people from agrarian to urban occupations. In the face of conflict and climate change, millions are on the move from their countries of origin to other nations in search of better lives and livelihoods. And global trade is grappling with protectionism threatening to disrupt intricate value chains.

In this era of rapid change, safety nets are particularly important. Safety nets often are a combination of government social spending on education, health and pensions, and labor market institutions such as unemployment benefits, minimum wages and job protection legislation.

Against this backdrop, the JustJobs Network and the Economic Policy Forum hold their second webinar, about the Changing World of Work: Lessons from the Past, in the Present and for the Future featuring presentations by experts renowned in their field.


The second in this series will be:

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