Third SROI Workshop in China | 2016

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Beijing, China

Third SROI Workshop in China | 2016

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Third SROI Workshop in China | 2016

August 31st, 2016- the third workshop on Evaluation of Sustainable Return on Investment Project (hereafter referred to as SROI project) was held in Beijing by EMM for Sustainability, the GIZ GmbH, and SynTao Sustainability Solutions. During this workshop, current SROI cases were shared among all participants.

Ms. Zhou Yiqi, Project Manager of EMM Network, welcomed the participants from enterprises and NGOs in the beginning. As the co-initiator and supporter of the project, Mr. Peng Jilai, Partner of SynTao Sustainability Solutions, briefed the program update as well as how to fill in the SROI Questionnaire to further develop a SROI case.

CreditEase shared their YiNongDai case –YiNongDai provides small loans to women in rural areas, aims at improving the living conditions of poverty-stricken women and further improve the living conditions of the households and children in rural areas. The result shows that beneficiary family has an income increase of RMB 16,850 on average and for every RMB 100 they borrow(27RMB income will be created).

The second case shared is label liner recycling case by UPM Raflatac. It is estimated that 100,000 tons label waste (paper and thin film) are wasted during the processing, printing and using of labels.

The last case is a perishable organic solid waste disposal project by a Hunan-based company Tian Quan Ecological Grass.To solve the problem of urbanization acceleration with increasing household refuse and municipal sludge, the company developed an organic fertilizer production line based on screen underflow from household refuse and recycling technolog.

During the Q&A session, participants have heated discussion on the result calculation as well as how to define and set price regarding program input, output and outcome. The cases shared are useful illustration of how SROI is used and referred at daily operation.