Sustainable Infrastructure Roundtable


Sustainable Infrastructure Roundtable

Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainable Infrastructure Roundtable

Emerging markets are already the largest global infrastructure investors, while at the same time facing the largest investment needs. The scale of the challenge to deliver on the quantity and quality of infrastructure in emerging economies is unprecedented. Ensuring the sustainability of these investments will give impetus to the development paths of emerging economies and will make or break the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and global climate commitments.

There are various global initiatives to drive sustainable infrastructure forward. However, these initiatives are not fully aligned and challenges remain to integrate available ESG tools into national infrastructure pipelines and actions.

Against this background, Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) and Brookings hosted a roundtable in Berlin on March 24, 2017, with the aim to identify gaps and possible solutions to advance sustainable infrastructure in emerging markets. The deliberations also highlighted opportunities to strengthen the global alliance in advancing the sustainable infrastructure agenda in emerging economies.

The event brought together 13 key actors from business, government, and international organizations, in order to develop a road map for actions to anchoring sustainability in national/regional infrastructure development plans.

It was agreed that governments as well as multilateral development banks will have a major role to play in the transition towards sustainable infrastructure, and that future cooperation between the present initiatives and organisations will be beneficial.