Second W20-Dialogue Forum – EMSD Presents Study Results on Digitalisation Effects

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Second W20-Dialogue Forum – EMSD Presents Study Results on Digitalisation Effects

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Second W20-Dialogue Forum – EMSD Presents Study Results on Digitalisation Effects

The second W20 Dialogue Forum took place in Berlin, where various German women associations jointly reflected on the results and the diverse experiences of the international women’s dialogue following the end of Germany’s W20 presidency, on February 23, 2018.

Questions about the international W20 negotiations, the incorporation of demands produced at the first W20 Dialogue Forum (February 2017) into international discussions and processes, and the involvement of women associations in the G20 were highlighted and addressed by the speakers. Nina Roth, of the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) team contributed with her presentation on the results of the W20 study “The Effects Digitalisation on Gender Equality in the G20 Economies”, conducted by the IfW Kiel with support of EMSD. Concluding from the study, core demands for G20 policy makers are better access for women to higher education and stronger focus on  STEM-subjects, more entrepreneurial initiatives as well as overall better access to financial resources for women.

This was followed by presentations on the four key topics of the W20 Argentine presidency: labour inclusion, digital inclusion, financial inclusion and rural inclusion. Discussants inlcuded more than 80 representatives from German civil society organizations, business associations and the public sector. On this basis, working groups developed concrete demands for the German W20 position during the Argentine G20 presidency.

With the collaboration and the lively discussion among the participants, the second W20 Dialogue Forum produced valuable comments and positions that form an important contribution to the Argentine catalog of demands. The recommendations and remarks will be fed in the international dialogue process leading up to the W20 Summit in October 2018.

EMSD served as W20 Germany’s international implementation partner. Now, EMSD is W20 Argentina’s strategic partner and supports the group with a research study on economic benefits of gender equality, W20’s consultation process, digital tools, outreach to other emerging markets as well as the following presidency, and with overall intellectual and logistical support.


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