Launch of “The Guidelines of Sustainable Infrastructure for Chinese International Contractors”

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Launch of “The Guidelines of Sustainable Infrastructure for Chinese International Contractors”

Sustainable Infrastructure

Launch of "The Guidelines of Sustainable Infrastructure for Chinese International Contractors”

More Sustainable Infrastructure for the World

According to New Climate Economy (2016) “significant investment is needed over the next 15 years: around US$90 trillion, which is more than the entire current stock. The global South will account for roughly two-thirds of global infrastructure investment (or about US$4 trillion per year). This new infrastructure offers a great opportunity to “leapfrog” the inefficient, sprawling and polluting systems of the past.”

During the past thirty years, Chinese infrastructure development has undergone tremendous changes – both domestically and in constantly increasing Chinese outbound infrastructure investments worldwide. With a rising shift of attention to reputational and other sustainability-related risks and in line with its incremental prominent role on the world stage, Chinese actors more and more integrate environmental, social and governance aspects into their infrastructure planning and development. China has therefore become a central player in the new global debate on sustainable infrastructure.

It is against this background, that the Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) Network for Sustainability (as part of the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues – EMSD) has supported the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) to develop “The Guidelines of Sustainable Infrastructure for Chinese International Contractors (SIG)”. CHINCA consists of more than 1.500 member companies which operate in over 190 countries. The SIG guide Chinese international contractors to build infrastructure according to leading sustainability standards. They cover five major phases of infrastructure development, namely funding, planning & design, building, operation & maintenance, and closure.

On June 1st, the SIG were officially launched at the 8th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum in Macau. Representatives from CHINCA, China Development Bank, the Export-Import Bank of China, Inter-American Development Bank, China Railway Group Limited and GIZ jointly celebrated the official start of the SIG in a ceremony attended by more than 2.000 guests. The GIZ EMSD will continue to support CHINCA and its members in the implementation of the SIG.

The EMM Network is a part of the Emerging Market Sustainability Dialogues (EMSD) and comprises around 300 sustainability managers from multinational companies in emerging economies, that develop and implement sustainable business models in the mining, infrastructure and textile sector.

In addition to the EMM Network, the EMSD comprises two additional dialogue platforms and networks- the Economic Policy Forum (EPF) and the Emerging Markets Dialogue Financial Sector (EMDF). By fostering knowledge exchange and creation between diverse actors from emerging and industrialized economies, they seek to contribute to innovative economic policy making, sustainable business development, and financial stability/green finance. Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH facilitates and supports these three platforms in a coordinating and secretarial role.


From left to right: Gastón Astesiano (Inter-American Development Bank), Wu Li (China Development Bank), Fang Qiuchen (Chairman of CHINCA), Zhang Zongyan (China Railway Group Limited), Xiao Liankui (The Export-Import Bank of China), Dr. Cinderella von Dungern (EMSD/GIZ)
Copyright Foto: China International Contractors Association (CHINCA)