Green Assets Wallet – Beta Phase Updates


Green Assets Wallet – Beta Phase Updates

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Green Assets Wallet  – Beta Phase Updates

Stockholm Green Digital Finance (SGDF) invited all partners of the Green Assets Wallet (GAW) for a partners meeting in Stockholm on 26 June 2018. In the meeting the project team presented the progress of the ongoing beta phase. Most importantly, the “GAW Web Interface” has been launched, which invites issuers of green debt to submit and showcase green projects by filling out a Web Form. This information has been shared with investors in green debt, and other stakeholders that look for green investment opportunities. Furthermore, there has been an increasing dialogue with actors from emerging markets such as China, India, Colombia, Ivory Coast and South Africa. Moreover, the technical director demonstrated the Green Assets Wallet technology Beta version, which was highly informative and instructive for all partners. Besides technical aspects, user experience as well as design of the Green Assets Wallet were demonstrated and discussed.

The meeting aimed to enhance transparency between partners and the project team, give room for suggestions, and to address remaining questions.

The bigger meeting was followed by a concentrated session between SDGF, Cicero, and Vasakronan to better understand impact reporting categories for the real estate sector.

Participants included representatives from , blockchain engineering company ChromaWay, the climate research institute CICERO, the nordic financial services group SEB, as well as the asset manager Öhman, real estate developer Vasakronan, and asset owner Mistra, as well as EMDF, co-lead and funder of the project.

The next meeting, concluding the beta and pilot phase will be in September 2018.