First SROI Workshop. Mexico | 2016

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México, Mexiko

First SROI Workshop. Mexico | 2016

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First SROI Workshop. Mexico | 2016

On September 21st, 2016, the first workshop on Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) was held in Mexico City. Leaded by Ethos Public Policy Lab and the EMM Network, this first workshop introduced the objective of this global EMM initiative and some general methodological concepts of the questionnarie part of the process implemented by Ethos.

CSR managers in Mexico face an increasing challenge to communicate and advocate the value and importance of their work to their leading management. Sustainable ROI methodologies offer a toolset to measure and evaluate the impact of CSR initiatives and sustainability projects. In contrast to conventional cost-benefit analysis, it incorporates non-financial benefits and/or costs of sustainability projects, e.g. project impacts on environment and/or society.

In the following months, EMM/GIZ and Ethos will co-organize two more SROI company workshops. Companies interested in joining the initiative are welcomed to do so. All information on upcoming events and contact details can be found on the EMM website (


With the asssitance of 38 representatives of 18 companies the First Workshop SROI-Mexico was held in Mexico City. In a short introduction, Mr. José Luis Chicoma, Director of Ethos, welcomed the participants and Mr. Diego Angelino, EMM Network- Mexico, briefly introduced the EMM Network and the state of previous and current SROI project implementations in Brazil, Mexico and China.

The research team of Ethos, presented an introduction to ROI methodologies, the diference with the SROI and the methodological process of the initiative in Mexico. The process will continue with a second workshop and a follow up by Ethos with the companies.