EMSD Supports Women20: Berlin Summit a Highlight


EMSD Supports Women20: Berlin Summit a Highlight

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EMSD Supports Women20: Berlin Summit a Highlight

The Women20 (W20) Summit, which took place in Berlin from April 24-26, 2017, came to an end with the handing over of the W20 Communiqué to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her current role as President of the G20. More than 400 participants joined the summit, which received high media interest from around the world.

The Communiqué‘s requests to strengthen women’s economic empowerment, include:

  • Call for gender analysis and gender budgeting within G20 member countries,
  • Closing the labour participation gap in the framework of the ‘25% by 2025 target’,
  • Support for women entrepreneurs and female cooperatives,
  • Bridging the digital gender divide,
  • Access of W20 to G20 negotiation tracks and Sherpa Meetings.

The Communiqué is intended to provide recommendations for the G20 leaders Communiqué which will be decided upon at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, in July 2017.

The Communiqué is accompanied by an in-depth implementation plan, reflecting perspectives of the W20 delegates from all G20 entities.

A particularly high-level panel discussion on women’s economic empowerment featuring among others German Chancellor Angela Merkel, IMF head Christine Lagarde, and First Daughter and advisor to the US President Ivanka Trump marked the climax of the three-day summit. Main outcomes included panel-wide support for an entrepreneurial empowerment fund for women in developing countries, proposed by Chancellor Merkel.

With financial inclusion being one of W20’s focus topics, Natascha Beinker, Deputy Head of the Division Sustainable Economic Policy/ Cooperation with the Private Sector at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), presented the current status and challenges to be tackled by the Global Partnership on Financial Inclusion.

EMSD is international implementation partner of W20 Germany. The partnership includes:

Further information on W20 Germany can be found here: www.w20-germany.org

For more information please contact nina.roth@giz.de.

Photo Credit: Martin Funck Photography for W20