EMSD facilitates first All-Women20-Presidencies Roundtable


EMSD facilitates first All-Women20-Presidencies Roundtable

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EMSD facilitates first All-Women20-Presidencies Roundtable

On 6 September, EMSD facilitated the first All-Women20-Presidencies Roundtable in Berlin in which representatives of all past, present and known future Women20 (W20) presidencies came together to discuss the future course of action for W20 in Argentina and beyond.

The event brought W20 presidencies from Turkey, China, Germany and Argentina together with representatives from the OECD, the Think Tank Chatham House, the World Bank Group (via VC), and German ministries that actively supported the engagement group during the German presidency as well as Cornelia Richter, GIZ board member and Beatriz Nofal former G20 Sherpa of Argentina. Together they discussed possible follow up measures on this year’s outcomes as well further actions to advance W20’s overall goal of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Special attention was given to the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi), which was proposed in the G20 Leaders’ Communiqué. A key result of the roundtable was a W20 paper with recommendations and requests concerning the We-Fi initiative, which was handed over to the World Bank and the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Additional outcomes include:

  • Argentina’s W20 Co-Chair, Susana Balbo, will further define the structure and objectives of the Business Women Leader’s Task Force
  • W20 Germany will work on a detailed outline for a W20 support and governing body which will be shared with a broader set of W20 Delegates at the W20 Argentina kick-off in early December 2017.
  • An official W20 consultation event at the OECD HQ in Paris will be discussed

EMSD is W20’s international implementation partner and supports the group with a research study on women’s economic empowerment in the digital age across the G20, W20’s consultation process, digital tools, as well as intellectual and logistical support.

Documentation of the workshop can be found here:

  1. List of participants
  2. Agenda
  3. Speech Zhao Hongju, W20 China
  4. Presentation W20 Turkey
  5. Presentations W20 Germany (Stocktaking, Funding)
  6. Presentation W20 Argentina
  7. Discussion document: support structure

For further information on W20 Germany go to: www.w20-germany.org

For more information, please contact nina.roth@giz.de.