Changemaker Leaders Summit (ELAC) 2015

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México, Mexiko

Changemaker Leaders Summit (ELAC) 2015

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Changemaker Leaders Summit (ELAC) 2015




The 3rd Changemaker Leaders Summit (Encuentro Líderes Agentes de Cambio, ELAC), a dynamic and interactive meeting of Latin American industry leaders that promote a business culture with the purpose of contributing to both the society and the environment, will take place in Mexico City on September 29 and 30, 2015 (Registration).

Jointly organized by Ashoka México y Centroamérica, the EMM Network, the GIZ and other strategic partners, the 2-day gathering will bring together more than 200 leaders from Mexico and Latin America offering them various practical and interactive workshops with international thought leaders and practitioners as well as spaces for co-creation within and between sectors, resulting in potential collective impact projects in the area of intrapreneurship and social innovation.


Enhance their knowledge, skills and social capital to design and implement businesses with purpose with respect to intrapreneurship and social innovation – with this idea in mind more than 200 Latin American industry leaders got together for the 3rd Changemaker Leaders Summit (Encuentro Líderes Agentes de Cambio, ELAC) on September 29 and 30, 2015 in Mexico City, jointly organized by Ashoka México, Centroamérica y el Caribe, the GIZ’s EMM Network, and other strategic partners. The dynamic and interactive event offered various practical workshops with global thought leaders and practitioners and allowed the participants to work on thematic agendas of co-creation within and between sectors, resulting in potential collective impacts.

Representatives of multinational companies in emerging markets who developed or were interested in activities related to sustainable development and social innovation took part in the event, which turned it into a strategic forum for the EMM Network and its members.

Particularly, the co-creation session with the subject “Sustainable Cities: Recycling, water and sanitation” was carried out, organized by the consultancy Minka-Dev and presented by the EMM Network. Within this framework, various key players such as the companies Bio-PAPPEL and Bonafont, the Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN), the AVINA Foundation and regional civil society organizations such as QPET and SiKanda discussed existing barriers for the design of an inclusive and scalable recycling strategy in Mexico.

The session, in which the participants defined challenges and constructed a shared vision regarding sustainable cities, forms part of the activities of the alliance that Bonafont and the EMM Network implement, particularly in the area of sustainable and inclusive value chains of recyclable materials. By documenting and evaluating Bonafont’s experiences in Mexicali/Mexico it is sought to generate innovative business models and CSR strategies in the field of recycling. On this basis, policy recommendations will be developed.