“20 Solutions for the G20” – EMSD Supports German T20 Process as International Implementation Partner


“20 Solutions for the G20” – EMSD Supports German T20 Process as International Implementation Partner

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“20 Solutions for the G20” – EMSD Supports German T20 Process as International Implementation Partner

On 29 and 30 May, the “Global Solutions” Summit of the T20 – the think tank engagement group of the G20 – brought together around 1000 representatives of leading global think tanks in Berlin. Participants included renowned researchers, Nobel Prize laureates and decision-makers from business, politics and civil society. They discussed solutions for global challenges such as digitalisation, sustainable growth, climate policy and financing, hunger, inequality and migration as well as the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Summit concluded with the hand-over of 20 recommendations to the German G20 Presidency. These recommendations were the result of the work of nine T20 Task Forces which produced more than 70 policy briefs (“G20insights”) during the German G20 Presidency.

EMSD supported the T20 as implementation partner. Among others, EMSD provided advice on process design for the T20, contributed to facilitating the overall T20 process, and supported some of the work of the T20 Task Forces intellectually. As co-chair of the Task Force on Forced Migration, EMSD organised and moderated a high-level panel discussion on “Refugees in Low and Middle Income Countries – A Dual Challenge” and was involved in the development of five policy recommendations explicitly featured in the abovementioned T20 outcome document. The document also featured two policy recommendations on digitalisation “Bridging the Digital Divide: Measuring Digital Literacy” and “Bridging the Digital Divide in the G20: Skills for the New Age“, which were both facilitated by EMSD. Furthermore, EMSD organised a panel discussion on “Driving the Business Case for Sustainable Infrastructure” and a high-level dialogue on “Sustainable Financial Solutions – How to Mainstream Green Bonds?”.

Members of the EMSD’s think tank network Economic Policy Forum (EPF), the Emerging Market Multinationals Network for Sustainability (EMM) and the Emerging Markets Dialogue on Finance (EMDF) actively participated in the T20 Summit. EMSD used the opportunity to organise two back-to-back roundtables with key think tank partners and discuss digitalisation and sustainable infrastructure in more depth. Opportunities for further cooperation, especially with regard to the upcoming Argentinean G20 presidency, were also on the agenda.

This year’s T20 process was lauded for its great diversity of geographical and thematic perspectives. By mobilising its think tank network, EMSD played an important role in ensuring the representation of emerging economy perspectives. During the T20 summit, the German government again emphasised the importance of civil society dialogue in the G20 process. As an implementation partner for T20 and W20, and an active member of the B20 process, EMSD is proud to have contributed to this success. EMSD looks forward to continuing this cooperation and support during the Argentinean G20 Presidency.